Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a new day, a new blog, a new current obsession

Starting blogs is something I have done a LOT in the past. I can never keep up with them though but this time I am taking a new approach. Instead of using a blog as a diary, I will use it as an outlet to share a current obsession that I have at that particular moment! An entry may focus around a nail polish, glasses, food, gadgets, hair products, shoes, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that I may temporarily become obsessed with!

So, to start us off, I'm going to talk nail polish.

Recently I've started liking orange nail polish. Now, this can go many ways seeing as there are numerous shades of orange and many different ways they can be worn. Recently I've been sporting Essie's coral-ish color called "Cantaloupe" and I think it's fabulous! Unfortunately, on the Essie website ( it looks very pink when in actuality it is quite orange and not so pink. However, I did manage to find another image that more accurately portrays the true color and that image is shown on the left! This nail polish goes on pretty easily (however you do need at least 2 coats to make it look right!) and with all Essie polishes you don't even need a top coat because it is so shiny all by itself (I always use one anyway though). Overall it's a great color that is perfect for the spring and summer and it definitely brightened my mood everyday that I wore it. It's fresh and fun. I absolutely suggest going out to get a bottle or just choosing it at your nail salon.

However, "Cantaloupe" is not the only orange that I love. OPI also makes a really bright orange that I have fallen in love with but have not been daring enough to try yet (it's next on my list). It's called "In My Back Pocket". This color is BOLD, bright, and PERFECT for summer. I really can't wait go give it a try because I have fallen in love with it!! I can always trust OPI to go on smoothly and look beautiful, especially with those new large brushes! If anyone else uses it, let me know what you think.

Alright, this conclude my first ever blog post! Lemme know what you think! Enjoy!